Expert Tenant/Buyer Representation

Whether you are looking to lease or purchase your space, the tenant representation process is very similar. We will be with you every step of the way, ensuring an outcome that is both profitable and enjoyable for you. Here is an overview of our process for leasing or purchasing commercial real estate:

Lease/Purchase Process Overview

1. Needs Analysis

The need for space arises

Economic and non-economic objectives are identified

Timeline established

2. Market Analysis

A general area location is selected.

Real estate market is researched.

Tax or economic incentives are uncovered.

3. Site Inspection & Tours

Site tours are scheduled.

Coordination of architectural / contractor evaluation to assist in determining final property solutions.

Repeat until property short list is approved

4. Site Selection

Post tour follow up

Executive summaries

Cost analysis

SWOT and financial analysis of alternatives

Executive summaries

5. Lease/Purchase Negotiations

Leverage Deal from Position of Strength

Coordinate negotiations of terms with legal counsel.

Lease/purchase agreement is drafted and reviewed by all parties

6. Post Leasing/Purchase Services

Assist with Project Management

Close-out Project

Objectionable terms are renegotiated terms are renegotiated and amended


Depending on transaction complexity entire process typically takes between 3 to 9 months to complete.

Visit our square foot needs calculator here. 

In addition to our office and industrial space tenant representation services, we advise companies, partnerships and individuals in purchasing investment real estate and in completing 1031 Exchanges.

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