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Relax. We Represent Investors and Buyers, too.

The same leasing expertise we provide to tenants is very valuable to individual investors as well. We understand how to optimize the use of space, how to negotiate the best lease terms for our clients, and how to reach win-win agreements. The investors we assist are often those we have helped buy a building or have helped lease space when they were tenants in the marketplace. We also assist investors in buying commercial properties, and finding 1031 Exchange properties which have substantial tax advantages.

Latest Articles

Does a Tenant Rep Cost or Save You Money?

Does a Tenant Rep Cost or Save You Money?

If you are working directly with the broker who has the sign on the building, make no mistake about it, you are working with the landlord's broker or agent. Their loyalties are to the landlord not to you. Landlords would prefer that you work directly with their broker...

The Digital Workplace

The Digital Workplace

Thirty years ago most office work was inextricably tied to a fixed office location. That was the analogue work world. With the broadband internet becoming available most anywhere combined with the computing power of mobile devices, most office work can be done from...

Is it Better to Lease or Own Your Space?

Is it Better to Lease or Own Your Space?

In my real estate practice, my focus is on helping the occupiers of office and industrial space. While most are tenants, I also help companies by buildings and commercial condos. And because the best choice is not always obvious, we perform a Lease vs. Purchase...

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