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The same leasing expertise we provide to tenants is very valuable to investors as well. We understand how to optimize the use of space, how to negotiate the best lease terms for our clients, and how to reach win-win agreements. The investors we assist are often those we have helped buy a building or have helped lease space when they were tenants in the marketplace. We also assist investors in buying commercial properties, and finding 1031 Exchange properties which have substantial tax advantages.

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The Economics of Sustainable Development

The Economics of Sustainable Development

More than any other sector of the economy, commercial buildings represent the greatest opportunity to reduce our national carbon footprint and to jumpstart our economy. Buildings in the U.S. account for: 36% of Total Energy Use 65% of Electricity Consumption 30% of...

Applying the TripleBottomLine to Real Estate Investing

Applying the TripleBottomLine to Real Estate Investing

There is growing talk these days about Sustainability. This is not a passing fad. People from all walks of life and political persuasions are recognizing that good business requires healthy, functional communities and vibrant ecosystems. For companies and investors...

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